Journey with Jesus Bible Reading and Meditation eBook ~ Plus Jesus Tree File and Journey Page – PDF Download



Meditation book, with Jesus Tree Ornaments, and Jesus Path Page.

This is the main ebook in the “Journey with Jesus” Bible Reading and Meditation set. The main ebook is a 47-page book that contains a Bible reading for each day during Lent.

All the Bible readings are about Jesus and His life. It begins at the Presentation and continues to the Resurrection. Each of the daily readings includes a classic work of art that depicts the story. Each day also includes a short thought-provoking mediation that brings the story into your everyday life.

This “Journey with Jesus” eBook includes a second file that is designed to help you create a “Jesus Tree” for your home or classroom. These pages include a set of the artwork images in miniature so you can create ornaments for your “Jesus Tree”. After reading and discussing the daily Bible story, have the children find the matching image and hang it on your “tree” or place it on a Lenten bulletin board.

The “Journey with Jesus” eBook also includes a file with a ” Daily Countdown Chart”! This cute chart will help younger kids keep track of the days they have completed and the number of days left till Easter! The child needs to color in one “stepping stone” each day during Lent. Start coloring the “Stones” on Ash Wednesday and color one each day till Easter! The little images on the chart correspond with the stories you will be reading in the “Journey with Jesus” eBook!

Altogether there are 3 files that come with this $7.99 purchase:

  1. The Bible Reading and Meditation ebook
  2. The Jesus tree images and instructions
  3. Journey with Jesus countdown chart

Feel free to print out as many copies as you need for your family or a single class.


Feel free to print out as many as you need for a single class or family.


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