Journey with Jesus – Workbook 1 (with Primary Lines) ~ Companion for Meditation Book – PDF Download



This is the first companion book to the “Journey with Jesus” Bible Reading and Meditation. It is a eworkbook designed for younger children and has a page for each day of Lent.

Each page includes a copy work section and a drawing section. The copy work section includes a Bible verse that has been taken from that day’s Bible reading and meditation. The lines are Primary lines. Each page also has a drawing area and a drawing prompt!

The “Journey with Jesus eWorkbook 1″ also includes a file with a ” Daily Countdown Chart”! This cute chart will help younger kids keep track of the days they have completed and the number of days left till Easter! The child needs to color in one “stepping stone” each day during Lent. Start coloring the “Stones” on Ash Wednesday and color one each day till Easter! The little images on the chart correspond with the stories you will be reading in the “Journey with Jesus” eBook!

Altogether there are 2 files:

  1. The Bible Reading, writing (primary lines), and drawing ebook
  2. Journey with Jesus countdown chart

Also, check out our store to purchase the eWorkbook for older kids. And don’t forget to buy the “Journey with Jesus” Bible Reading and Meditation ebook.

Note: The only difference between Book 1 and Book 2 is the type of lines they have for writing.


Feel free to print out as many as you need for a single class or family.


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