Pro-Life 3-D Coloring Art Project – Teaching Kids about the Beauty of Life – PDF Download


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A gentle teaching about the value of life.
Just like a caterpillar which is meant to turn into a butterfly, babies are meant to grow into beautiful souls! God has a beautiful plan for these little lives.
Give life a chance! It can be beautiful!

This download can help you make a 3D coloring picture or a simple coloring picture!
Or use as a simple coloring page (non-3D) – If you like a simple coloring page just print out page one of the PDF file.

To make the 3D Art Project you will need:

  • download of the pro-life page (above)
  • crayons or colored pencils
  • scissors
  • regular/larger sized stapler or tape

Print both pages. Color the pictures on both pages. Then, cut out the shapes on the second sheet.
The edges are extra wide for easy cutting. Now, staple the cut parts on top of the matching part.
Bend and curl the top parts so they pop off the page!


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