Responsibility Chart for Catholic Kids {Chore Chart} – Colorful – PDF Download


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I tried to make this chart usable for kids who are not able to read. So I have a picture for each section to help remind the kids what they should do. The chart includes: combing hair, making bed, brushing teeth, praying, general clean-up and much more! I also have listed “Read with reading buddy.” which is just a reminder to have my older kids read with the younger kids. My kids each have a “reading buddy” – that makes things a little easier on me. But if you only have young kids then mom, dad, and/or grandma can be the child’s “reading buddy”.As for the school section on the chart, I have extra charts just for school subjects that the kids refer to. The younger kids’ school chart includes simple concepts like colors and letters, while the older kids’ charts have more advanced topics like reading and math.

Laminate this chart and use a dry erase marker to check off the jobs that are completed! Dry erase marker typically wipes off easily, but if your laminated sheets begin to get messy looking from the dry erase markers, just use a napkin and a few drops of rubbing alcohol to wipe the sheet off. That will normally make it look almost like new!

Add magnets and stick it on your fridge!


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