Sacred and Immaculate Heart – Perler Melting Beads – PDF Pattern


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These hearts are made with the Perler Beads which you can buy at your local craft store. To make these, you will need the melting plates that are shaped like a heart and a six-pointed star.
Start by making two hearts according to the patterns. Then make two flames. The flames should be basically the same but take out the cross when making the flame for the Immaculate Heart and fill the cross area with yellow. Different shades of yellow mixed together look nice. The sword is only for Our Lady’s heart.
Melt the beads, which you placed on the melting plate, just as the bead package directs. Remove them from the plates just as you normally would. Then it’s time to melt the flame to the heart: Place the correct flame over top and matching heart (as pictured). Sandwich the flame and heart between two melting/wax paper sheets and melt the two parts together with your iron; just as you would when you melt the beads. You may need to add more pressure on the iron to get them to help them to stick together. Do the same with the sword.  They will look a little squished on the backside where the two parts are fused together.
Because these will only look nice from one side, so be sure you melt them so the nicer sides are on the good side.
This is the back of the hearts. Note how the flame and sword overlap the heart.


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