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A Dogwood Craft
This PDF file contains patterns to make paper dogwood flowers.
They are very simple to make!
To make this you will need:
  • the pattern Choose: {large} or {4 small}
  • crayons
  • tape or glue
  • scissors
Print the pattern (there is one large or 4 small on a page)
(stock paper works best)
Color the flower and the leaves.
Add red and brown to the flower’s notched tip -“nail prints”
Color the center yellow and/or brown
Color the leaves green
Color the petals pink or leave them white.
Cut out the flower and the three leaves
Tape the leaves to the bottom of the flower so they are shown through the petals of the flower.
Curl the pedals up beside the “nail prints” and at the center.
For a little extra fun, you can add a pipe cleaner center to resemble the “crown of thorns”.

You can add these flowers to almost anything to decorate it!
You can cut out two strips of brown paper to make a cross and add a paper dogwood flower.
I added them to my Lenten/Easter cross…
to a wreath (along with my legend print and a bow)…
Glue craft sticks to the back to make the legend card stay straight.
This must be hung in a dry spot (unless you laminate them).

Prints and Cards of the Legend of the Dogwood
You can also print out the legend story to go with your flowers.
(This is also some of my original artwork)
Folded Gift Card 
This folded card and a handmade flower would be nice for any occasion including mother’s/grandmother’s day, a thinking of you surprise, an Easter card, etc.
(Print onto stock paper)
Legend Prints
Nice for decorating or for framing
Simple Legend Printables
Nice for a class or large group
4 on a page

I found so many ways to use these paper dogwood blossoms and legend cards!

I enjoyed drawing these flowers and cards.
My kids enjoyed coloring and creating the crafts.

I hope you enjoy them, too!!


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