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You will need:
  • half-sheet of light blue construction paper
    Note: half sheets are easier and less intimidating for kids to work with.
    Note: light blue paper is easier for kids who are just starting to learn this skill. This way they don’t feel the need to fill the paper.
  • paintbrush with a fine point
  • cup to fill with water
Watercolors needed:
  • medium blue
  • black
  • brown
  • green
  • purple
  • yellow
A few tips before starting:
  • The more water you add, the softer the color.
  • The less water you add, the darker the color.
  • If you add water to the paper the colors will ”bleed” further and easier, but the painting will be lighter.
  • The paint will be lighter in color when it\’s dry. So the colors you see while it\’s wet will change when it’s dry.

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