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Hello from the woods of Pennsylvania!

crop woman taking care of plant

Hmm..… Where do I start?

Well, I guess I should introduce myself: I’m JenMarie Lawrence. Personally, I’d prefer to be anonymous, but I know that when I visit other sites I want to know who’s behind it. So if you are like me you are wondering who is at the roots of Catholic Inspired…

I’m a Catholic, wife, mother of 9, home-educator, blogger, crafter, jewelry maker, gardener, and a gal who finds joy walking in nature with my husband and\or Our Lord!

Meet the Family


My husband, Jon, and I have been married for 25 years. We have 9 children – six girls and three boys! Plus, we have three little ones in Mother Mary’s care.
Our oldest is 24 and our “baby” is 11 years old! Wow! Am I getting old!?!? 

Our kids are happy kids. They are often laughing and they have an unusual sense of humor! (Like Mom and Dad!) They make their own fun by playing together, drawing, or creating crafty things.

Since 2010

I started Catholic Inspired in 2010 as a family blog. It’s been an amazing experience to share our family’s Catholic activities throughout these past years!

I have a love of all things that are creative and artsy! I enjoy decorating with Catholic symbolism and creating all kinds of things with different media. Catholic jewelry is only one of my passions – any kind of Catholic crafty creation is a passion for me, as well as, my family! 

We are happy to share all our creations here on this site, either for you to purchase or for you to learn to create your own!

I hope you will join us on our crafty and creative Catholic journey!

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