We are halfway through Lent! It’s time to reassess ourselves and make sure we are still on track! My kids and I all seem to have slowly been forgetting the Lenten spirit of prayer and sacrifice. I felt it was time to step-up our penance. So, I decided to get a timer and use it to remind us to pray a prayer together every hour (during the day). Ya, most of my kids are young, but our prayers are nothing big, just an Our Father, Hail Mary, or Glory Be. I just felt we needed something to help us bring God back to the center of our lives!

Here is a sample of our prayer-time checklist. It has a spot for checking off the times we prayed and an area for writing the prayers we want to pray. I laminated ours and we check off each hour that we remember to pray together. A checklist is certainly not necessary, but it works nicely for my kids to see the times being marked off. (Also helps the younger kids learn to tell time!)
So how’s your Lent going?
I hope well!
Have a blessed week!


  1. Thanks for the reminder that it's ok to renew our intentions. We've been just plodding along and sliding a bit, but tomorrow can be a fresh start!

  2. Love the sign Jennifer. It's inspiring and a good reminder to keep ourselves focused. If they didn't already, your children will have their prayers memorized by the end of one day! Great way to glorify God and build in discipline.

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