Several months back a wonderful lady, Nannet, emailed me and asked me to create a craft that would teach kids all about the vestments that priests wear during Mass. Her craft idea didn’t sound too hard so I told her I’d give it a try.  I began to search for information about priests’ vestments, but I had no idea that there is so much more to vestments than meets the eye. My search for information turned into a big job!

Priest vestments may seem simple, but in reality, they have a lot of history and in-depth meaning. After learning so much I felt that a simple craft just isn’t enough to teach kids about this interesting part of our faith!

So I decided a mini book with pictures of the vestments would be a good way to help teach about the meaning behind each part of the priests’ vestments. So I created my very first e-book!
This printable book is simple yet it’s stuffed full of interesting facts about the priests’ vestments. Each page tells about one part of the priests’ vestments. It’s nice for kids to take along to Mass so they can see the priest wearing some of the vestments pictured in this book, although most of the vestment parts are hidden. It’s a great help to get kids interested in the Mass.

Vestment Craft {Change the Color}
I also created the craft that Nannet asked me to make. It’s a great companion to the vestment e-book!
With this craft, kids can change the color of the priest’s chasuble. On the back, there is a picture of the other vestments that a priest wears under his chasuble.
Instructions for craft:
  • Print page 1 of the PDF onto stock paper / heavy paper.  Cut out the two squares.
  • Cut out the chasuble area on the priest’s vestments. The lines are extra thick for easy cutting.
  • Staple the two squares back-to-back, but leave one side unstapled.
  • Create a 4 x4 ½ inch square of each of the liturgical colors from colored paper.
    (red, white, green, and purple – you can do black, too, but that’s rarely used).
  • Slide the colored paper sheets between the squares in the opening of the unstapled side of the squares.

The color which you can see through the priest’s chasuble should be the liturgical color of the day. This color can be changed each day as the liturgical color changes.

*OR* If you wish you can put the square images on a CD case
and add colored paper to the inside of the CD case.
Note: All printers print differently, so check the size before using a CD case.
There are two versions of this craft:
Craft with straight down stole
Craft with a crossed stole
Because it would be very difficult to cut the Faddleback chasuble
I have only created this craft with a Gothic chasuble.

Vestment Coloring Pages

You also might like these coloring pages:

Here are two coloring pages:
Choose the one that better fits your parish!

This ebook, printable craft, and coloring pages are all free!

Download these pages for free
from our Download Shop!

Our Catholic faith is brimming with so much information and rich symbolism. The average Catholic (myself included) has no idea how much symbolism our faith holds! The truths we can learn from our faith are overwhelming, yet so many of us barely scratch the surface.
I hope this helps you to see a little of this wonderful part of our faith!


  1. This is just fantastic! I like how you have the vestments for both the Ordinary and the Extraordinary forms of the Mass. Really nice!

  2. Our school (extraordinary form) teaches vestments and vessels in 1st grade. Love how you have made this craft and booklet…I am going to use it for my little ones. Hmmm… maybe you could make one for the vessels, too?The faith is soo rich; a treasure! I was raised in the 70's and was deprived of the richness and tradition (as well as some of the truths). I am encouraged by you and a few other younger mothers who do blog and who know the faith!

  3. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! The children at our co-op (extraordinary form) will be learning about the priestly vestments and I thought I was going to have to make something like this myself. I am SO grateful that you have already done this! I am not very good at making things on the computer. You did a beautiful job. Thanks, again! God bless you.

  4. This is perfect! Just what I needed to solidify our study of the priesthood. Our little bunch loves to 'celebrate' the Mass when they get together and I'm always trying to find better ways to instruct them without taking over their play. This a a Godsend!

  5. Thank you, Brigit, Jodi, and everyone! It's so nice to hear that these are being used and enjoyed! I'd love to make one with the vessels…if God grants me the time! Blessings to you all! ♥

  6. thanks for posting this! i would like to try to make a quiet book page from this idea from felt so that it's easily interchangable.

  7. This is a lovely site –I don't know why I haven't seen it before. Well dne!Just a note n the vestments. The chasubles are not unique to each form. While it is most usual that you would see a Fiddleback chasuble in the extraordinary form and a Gothic chasuble in the ordinary form it is also true that either style can be used for both forms. I see it frequently –especially with priests that say both forms and use their own vestments. :)Pax,Michele

  8. Hi Michele, Thanks you for your lovely comment. I did realize that the chasubles are not strictly one form or another. I was only speaking to the norm of most situations. Most priest don't say both forms, but the ones that do are very rare and wonderful gems! May these rare gems grow in number!Peace to you,~Jennifer

  9. Just what I needed for helping the kids with their preparation for First Communion. We shall be talking about priest's vestments, sacred vessels, and other things they see at Mass in our next lesson. The illustrations have come in handy. Thank you for your work.

  10. How can I thank you enough for making and posting these?! I printed out copies to teach my sons about the priesthood. Do you know where I could find a nun version of this book/craft?

  11. Sorry, Sonja, I've never seen one about nuns. But that sounds like a nice future project for me, if the opportunity presents itself! God Bless.

  12. How do I download your Ebook, on priest vestment. I am a member, but I cannot find it anywhere on the \”Catholic Inspired\” page. Can someone please help me?

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