This is a re-post from last year (Aug. 2012). I thought some of my new followers would like it!
My sweet friend, Jill, was looking for a project to do with her kids while camping during the week of the Assumption and she asked if I had any suggestions. I told her I’d give it some thought and see if God inspires.  After some thought, God did inspire and I sent Jill this idea for a centerpiece for her picnic table.
The bottom greens are meant to symbolize earth and the fluffy clouds symbolize heaven.
So this centerpiece is meant to show the meaning of the Assumption -That  Mary ascended body and soul from earth to heaven!
Mary was Jesus (God’s) mother. He would not have wanted his mother’s body to die and decay. So he brought her body and soul to His Heavenly Kingdom with Him!
What you will need to make this centerpiece?
  • a tall vase or jar
  • some heavy rocks
  • long sticks (2 to 3 times as high as the vase)
  • flowers and/or greens
  • Cotton fiber-fill
  • Mary and Angels printable (on our site)
  • paper clips or Christmas hooks
  • water (for the flowers)
If you want your kids to be involved (like my kids were) send them out on a “scavenger hunt”. I told my kids to pick some pretty flowers, and some tall green grass, or any nice looking plants from the woods next to our house. (just not the poison ivy!)  😀
I also asked them to get a few small, heavy, rocks that could fit into the bottom of the vase. I helped them pick out sticks that were the right height for our vase.
Now wash the rocks to get any extra dirt off them and place them into the bottom of the vase. This will help keep the vase from falling over since it will be top heavy.
Arrange the sticks into a vase.
It works best if you can put the bottoms of the stick between the rocks.
Add the flowers and greens all the way around the sticks.
The kids can help with this part.
Now, give the flowers some water.
Carefully, add the cotton to the top of the sticks.
Try to make it look like a fluffy cloud.
Print off the Mary and Angels pictures from our site. (Best if printed on stock paper.)
Cut them out and tape a Christmas hook or paper clip to the back of each. Make sure the hook end is pointed out away from the picture.
Now use the hooks to hang Mary and the angels onto the heavenly clouds.
And there is our beautiful centerpiece!!
What a great item to have on your table for the feast of the Assumption!!
Mother Mary, Pray for us!
God Bless.


  1. Oh my goodness, this is perfect, Jennifer! God certainly DID inspire you:) Thank you for such a lovely idea to celebrate Our Lady! I'm going to give it a try. God bless you and thank you for sharing!

  2. Super pretty! A lovely way to celebrate our Blessed Mother. You are so creative! I love it!Have a wonderful week

  3. Beautiful, Jennifer. and so creative. thanks for tutorial. what an honor to Our Lady!

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