See the Blue Cross Eye Trick
Here is a fun and easy printable project for kids of all ages! This would be a fun project for Catholic teens, youth groups, Religious Ed, and Catholic parties! You will need the printable .PDF. You can do this on the computer or print it for large groups. (Personally, I found it easier when I looked at it on paper.)

Click here to view and print


Print or open the PDF. Look at the dot on the red cross. You should be about 12 inches from the cross. Stare at the dot on the red cross for 30 seconds. Then, stare at the dot on the other side of the paper. You will see a bluish-green (teal) cross appear! It\’s really cool!! 

Instructions for a similar experiment, as well as, a scientific explanation are on this web page here. Look under the \”See red?\” section.
I love science! 

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