Autumn is the time when plants die and farmers gather their harvest.  It’s a time to remember that we are going to die. Our death is the time when God, like the farmer, gathers His harvest. Those who were His “good and faithful servants” will be gathered by God and enter into heaven. God’s harvest is the saints!!
So whenever you see references to harvests at this time of year, remember that we are meant to strive (work really, really hard) to be part of God’s harvest. We should STRIVE to be saints!! And that is what November is all about – the saints! Someday I hope I will be good enough to be part of God’s fruitful harvest!
Strive to be Part of Gods Fruitful Harvest Craft
I had this craft available for the kids to make at our All Saints Day celebration. Most of the kids took it along home to create. They were having too much fun doing other things!
This craft is a simple coloring page. The kids add a picture of a saint to each pumpkin – symbolizing that the saints are God’s fruitful harvest.

You will need:

This is super easy! Just have the kids color/paint the pumpkins and leaves. Then have them pick three saints to paste on the pumpkins. You may like to cut out the saint pictures before the kids create this project.
Don’t forget to have them add their name!
Bulletin Board Idea
You may like to create a large bulletin board with this idea!
Here is ours:
Our pumpkin and leaf PDF patterns are in our Download Shop: Click here
I had each of the kids color and cut out a pumpkin. Then they added a picture of their favorite saint to the pumpkin. You could use a holy card for this.
 If you prefer – use our saint pictures found in our Download Shop.
Then I printed out a few pages of leaves onto green paper. I cut a few spirals from green paper, too. I used these to create the vines.
The board had a variety
of colored and painted pumpkins:
If you would like a title for your board there is a PDF for that also in our Download Shop.
May all the Angels and Saints in Heaven, pray for us!

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