In the hopes of preparing my kids for Ash Wednesday Mass, we discussed what Ash Wednesday is and what it means. If you are looking for a good article to read about the topic, I recommend this article from LifeTeen. It’s funny and informative!  🙂 After talking about Ash Wednesday we completed a simple activity:

This printable activity allows the kids to draw a picture of themselves and then add an ash cross to their forehead.
First, the kids drew a picture of themselves.
 Then they rubbed some charcoal on a piece of scrap paper and pressed their thumb into it. You could just use lead from a pencil, but charcoal is darker.
Next, they used their dirty thumb to make a cross shape on the picture’s forehead.
The kids had a blast adding the crosses!!
This was fun for many age levels. My younger kids enjoyed it and so did Rachel, my 16-year-old. She’s always looking for a way to satisfy her artistic cravings!
Here is the face my 3 year old, Caleb, drew:
He told me, “I can make beautiful, smiley, cross faces, too!”
Yes, he sure can! 🙂
This printable page is available on our Download Shop!


  1. Love this Jennifer! Hope to try it with my kiddos 🙂 I linked up to it on my recent blog post about Fat Tuesday and Ash Wed. 🙂

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