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Hi, everyone! For the month of June and August – the months of the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart – I’m adding a new printable download to the download shop This download is a set of printable hearts that depicts the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.
I modeled these hearts after some old antique prayer cards. Those old holy cards often gave a decorative lacy border to each card. I always found those cards to be so beautiful. These fancy hearts make an amazing decoration for your home, church vestibule, or class room!  We used them to decorate our Marian Tea Party this past May. I also reused some to decorate our home for the month of June – since it is the month we celebrate the Sacred Heart.
While these hearts look great when colored with bold colors, they also look lovely when colored lightly. But if you are not fond of coloring, they look just as gorgeous uncolored!! They add a sweet pale-white splash to any wall or display!
How to make and use these hearts:

These are so easy to make! Just print them off, color them (if you want), and cut out around the hearts. They each have a thick gray border. Cut anywhere inside this gray-border area for a perfect and beautiful cut! It’s so easy!

Use a hole puncher to create a hole (or holes) to hang these up. Depending on the way you want to hang them, you can make two holes or just one hole in the flame area.
Choose the size you like!  Four sizes!!
Hope you enjoy them!
God Bless.


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