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Many months ago I stumbled onto an article that I knew I needed to remember for this time of year! The article was originally published in Mail Online and tells of a mystery giver that scattered hundreds of pebbles that had baby Jesus hand-painted on them. The anonymous artist said he “simply wanted to bring joy and the real message of Christmas to people.”

I thought this was the coolest idea, so this year I did something similar with my kids! Obviously, they don’t have the ability to hand-paint baby Jesus on the stones, so I made an image of the baby Jesus and added 45 of them on a printable page. I printed the page off and the kids did the rest! It was a fun and easy project for them to do. 🙂
If you want to do this too, you will need:
  • flat river stones (we bought a few bags at the dollar store)
  • mod-podge
  • printable sheet (download for free above)
  • paintbrush
First cut out the images of Jesus.
Lightly brush the back of the image with mod-podge and place it onto the stone. Press it down to help remove any air bubbles or creases.
Now paint over top the image. Be sure to cover the entire image. Also, paint over the edges of the picture and around the picture. This will help seal it so the image is protected from the weather. NOTE: This is NOT waterproof, but it does help a lot! You could buy a waterproof sealer, too!
Now let them dry.  Once they are dry they are ready to use!

How to use these Jesus pebbles:

  • Secretly, place them around your town! Place them on window sills, porches, sidewalks, steps, street furniture, or anywhere a passerby can find them.
  • Place them around your house or party room before your Christmas party! Your guest will delight in seeing these little baby Jesus stones.
  • At your Christmas party play a hid-n-seek game. Simply hid them and let the kids try to find them!
  • Teachers: place them around your classroom or school for the kids to find.
  • Youth groups can make and place these throughout town, church, the mall, etc.
  • Give them as Christmas gifts!

I’m sure there are countless ways to use these to remind others of the true meaning of Christmas, Do you have another idea or way you plan to use these?

God bless you all this Advent Season!


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