This craft project is to help children understand that Jesus is truly present in the Holy Eucharist. Although Jesus is hidden, He is truly there. This reality can be very difficult to comprehend. The Eucharist in this craft opens to reveal Jesus.

 The Eucharist in this craft opens to reveal Jesus.

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Printable Chalice and Host – Download for free in our store – HERE
  • A sheet of construction paper for the background (blue or black look nice)
  • Decorative items like glitter/glitter glue, gems, sequins, etc.
  • Crayons to color the chalice and the Eucharist’s rays. (yellow, orange, & red)
Short-cut idea #1:
Print the chalice sheet onto yellow paper and cut out.
(No coloring necessary.)
Short-cut idea #2:
Use the chalice sheet as a coloring page and add your decorations onto the white sheet after coloring the page. (This is nice if you hate cutting.)


  1. If you  are not using the “short-cut ideas” shown above – Color the chalice and Eucharist rays.
  2. Cut out your chalice and Eucharistic rays.
  3. Glue the chalice and rays onto the construction paper.
  4. Now decorate the chalice and rays with the glitter, gems and sequins or whatever else you choose.  You may also decorate the construction paper background, if desired.
  5. Glue the Jesus circle in the Eucharistic ray circle.
  6. With a small piece of clear tape, attach the Eucharist circle to create a door that opens to reveal the image of Jesus.
Through this art project, children can imagine how this simple bread and wine
 is truly Our Almighty Lord, Jesus!

May God Bless you,


  1. This is a lovely craft and beautiful addition to the First Communion Linky party. Thanks for sharing!Ad Jesum per Mariam, Lena

  2. Hi Jennifer: Found you linked up at Equipping Catholic Families. My daughter will receive her first communion next weekend, and she just loved making this craft.

  3. Thank you. I needed help for First Communion banners. Now for wheat and grapes. Thanks.

  4. I'm a teacher in our Sunday school and I am looking for something that the children would enjoy in our art session. This is perfect! Thank you for sharing this craft.

  5. I just LOVE this! My lift-the-flap book loving kids will, too. Adding it to my list of to do's for the year. Thanks!

  6. I wanted you to know that we have done this activity as one of our stations for our First Holy Communion retreat. We read THE WEIGHT OF A MASS and then do this craft all within the 30 minute time frame. The only thing we add is a quote from St. Augustine, \”Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.\” Thank you so much for helping us add depth and substance to our retreat while keeping it fun and age-appropriate. God bless you!

  7. Just a little note – the chalice is used for the blood of Christ, but it is the Ciborium that is used for the body of Christ.

  8. Yes, that is true. And with the Chalice and the Precious Host pictured both the Body and Blood of Christ are represented in the craft. God bless.

  9. This a beautiful project – I have 18 first graders who need hands-on activities. Thank you for this. God Bless you, MarianneFirst grade catechist

  10. Thank you for this activity idea! We have two days of First Communion classes left, but we’ve finished our curriculum. I needed meaningful but stress-free activities for my little class to work on for the next two weeks.

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