Fairies have been all the rage the past few years and of course my kids don’t live in a hole so they know it!
But instead of making little outdoor houses for fairies to live in we made MARY HOUSES!!!
Okay, I have nothing against fairies and a little make-believe play, but it just seemed better to have my youngest girls play act about Our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph and Jesus than fairies!
It helped to stretch their little minds and think more about what the Holy Family’s home-life was like.
So out in our back yard stands a large tree that all 9 of my kids love to play around; a perfect spot for our little village of Mary houses! After collecting moss, stones, sticks, and flowers my little girls each built a home for their little Holy Family dolls.
We had houses made from a nook in the tree’s root…

It could be a Resurrection set, too!
and rocks! 
Then they got to pretend play!
Here is Mary and Jesus sleeping (with their eyes open)!
My girls had lots of fun making and creating these little Mary houses!!
Give it a try; create a Mary house with your kids!!!
We had a BLAST!!!!


  1. I have nothing against fairy houses. My younger kids have created a few in our yard from time to time, but this a fantastic idea! +JMJ+

  2. Thank you, Patty! God Bless.

  3. I agree fairy houses are fun. My kids made fairy houses in the past, but the Mary houses have actually been more fun for my girls than the fairy houses ever were! I think it's something they can relate to on their level. God Bless!

  4. I think I may roll this into our botany study as a fun extra. My Aunt makes fairy houses and my daughter is all in awe. They are cute but I agree that they are lacking something-not to mention that the fairies are far from modestly dressed. Need to find some little figures or maybe I will make up a couple of your peg dolls. They are always a huge hit. Thanks so much for the idea.

  5. Ya, fairies often lack proper modesty!!! My girls and I had a nice talk about that after a friend gave them a Tinker Bell movie! The movie was very cute, but her dress was so small! The peg dolls would be nice, but we decided not to use ours because the leaves and twig pieces cling to the felt material! It just makes the dolls look nasty!! If you are making your Mary house in a less wooded area they might be okay. I am very glad to here the dolls are well loved!!God Bless!

  6. I like very much! I may just do this wish my little sister this summer. :)I came across your blog from your daughter RayChill's blog. She may have mentioned my blog to you – Scribbles of a Catholic Teen. 🙂

  7. Hi Alyianna, I hope you and your sister have fun! Take a picture of your Mary house, put it on a blog post, then add it to the link-up here on this post! I'd LOVE to see it!! ;-)RayChill showed me your blog and your One Direction videos! She was very excited! ;-)Well, it was very nice to meet you and hear from you! See you around and may God bless you!

  8. This is such a wonderful idea! The photos are beautiful and your girls' smiles say it all. God bless! 🙂

  9. Thank you, Lisa! Mary Houses are the new “Cool” at our house! Blessings to you and the family!

  10. I can't wait until Alexa gets older and understands playing with dolls. I love this idea. Thanks for linking to the Our Favorite Things Link Party.Many Blessings

  11. You come up with the best ideas, Jennifer! This is awesome! I love the pictures too 🙂

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