A few weeks ago I shared the craft which my daughter (Rachel) and her teen friends created. That craft was the Saint Medal Necklaces. Today I want to share the other craft they created at the party. This one was a simple little wooden box which the teens decorated. 
It was a great jewelry box to hold those necklaces!!
You will need:
  • Wooden box (A.C. Moore or Hobby Lobby will have them for about $1 each)
  • Picture of Jesus (we used stickers)
  • \”Jesus is our True Treasure\” saying (HERE is the ones I made for ours)
  • Lots of stuff to decorate the boxes:
    Paint (acrylic paint would work. We used some fabric paint, too. They worked very well.)
    Glitter Glue

The first thing Rachel and I did was to paint the boxes. We did this before the girls came so they could just have fun decorating them.
unpainted boxes
 I wanted to make this easy, so we watered-down some dark brown paint (1 part paint : 2 parts water) Then we just dipped the boxes into the water/paint and gave them a \”mud bath\”.  🙂 We \”bathed\” them till they were covered all over – inside and out. 
Then we laid our treasure boxes on a \”beach towel\” (a rag) and gave them a \”sun bath\” until they were dry.
 It only took about an hour to dry in the sun. That gave them a nice tan color! 🙂  
I\’m not promoting sun bathing or tanning here! But ya know,  wooden boxes can\’t get skin cancer!!
I guess wooden boxes don\’t need Vitamin D, ether!
Well, after they were dry and done soaking in the sun, they were ready to decorate!!
The girls came up will all kinds of ways to decorate the treasure chests!!
Note the Monstrance on a few of them! – Nice!
Although they were all different, each one included a picture of Jesus, as will as a label that read:
\”Jesus is Our True Treasure!\” 

I liked the \”gold coins\” glued to the bottom of this one! (They are sequins.)
This one is painted with gold paint – it\’s hard to tell in the picture. 
This one has some neat gems on it!!
I decided to make these with my youngest four girls, too!!
They had a blast!!!
 Of course they were not nearly as neat and clean as the teen girls were! 
It\’s amazing what a mess paint and sequins can be in the hands of a four year old!! 
But she had soooo much fun! I didn\’t mind a little clean-up! 
And she has been showing-off her \”Treasure Box with Jesus\” to everyone!!
Till later!!
May God bless you all with a great weekend!

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