In our beautiful Catholic art, lilies are a common sight. They are symbols of purity. Many chaste saints, like St. Joseph and St. Philomena, are depicted holding these delicate beauties. They are often thought to be Mary’s flower, too. During the Easter Season, lilies are a common sight and they decorate many churches!
I wanted to have a few lilies to decorate our home during the Easter Season as well as other special feast days. Sadly, artificial lilies are very expensive, so I thought I’d try to figure-out an easy-long-lasting way to make some of these gorgeous flowers.

A paper plate was just the trick! 🙂  They were so easy that my kids picked up on the idea real fast!

You can make two flowers from one paper plate, and the only other items I used were yellow paper, green paper, a yellow pencil, clear tape, and a stapler.

DOWNLOAD printable instructions here.

First cut the paper plate in half.
Next cut out 6 or 7 petals as shown in the picture.
Try not to make the petals deeper than the flat part of the paper plate.
Flip the plate so the petals are bending away from you. Color the center with a yellow crayon or pencil.
Cut a 1” x 1 1/2”  inch strip of yellow paper. Make lots of thin slits in the paper, but make sure not to cut all the way through.
Tape the yellow fringed paper to the center bottom of the flower.
Fold the paper flower into thirds (some petals will overlap). Only press the folds on the bottom half of the flower. Tape it together.
Open the flower and curl out the petals out, if needed.
Cut out 4 long triangle shapes from green paper.
Put one on each side of the flower bottom, pointing out. Staple the flower and the leaves together at the bottom of the flower. One or two staples should work.
Now they are ready to decorate your home or school.
Use them on your Easter table, around statues of saints, or to decorate during May for Our Lady!
Have a blessed Easter!


  1. So fun! Your post and another inspired us to make our own pencil topper lilies. We loved making them. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Thank you! Your post and another I found inspired us to make paper plate pencil topper lilies. We loved them! Thank you.

  3. These are amazing! What a beautiful idea!! I love lilies, now I can have them year round!

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