This is a re-post from 2012. We had a few technical problems last year and this coloring page hasn’t been working. Because this beautiful artwork was created by my daughter, Rachel, I asked her to help me fix this so we could re-post it for you all.
Click Here
Rachel is progressing into a wonderful young artist!
But that’s coming from a proud mamma! 😉

Hope you all like it!
God Bless.
~Jen-Marie – AKA: Rachel’s Mom! 😉


  1. You should be a proud mama. Your daughter did a fantastic job! She must be creative, crafty and artistic just like her mama!

  2. You changed your background template too. Looks very nice!

  3. What an artist she is! You should be proud! Like mother, like daughter.

  4. Oh your daughter Rachel is so talented!! You're certainly encouraging her by posting her work here. i'm printing it off now. thank you Rachel and Jennifer, for sharing!

  5. So beautiful! What a talented artist! It is always a blessing to learn from your website. Your art ideas are so great for Catechism classes too!

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