Ah, computers, love\’em, hate\’em… I both\’em! This past week I had a horrible time fighting with my computer. It caught a \”bug\” and took \”sick leave\”. Now I\’m playing catch-up on my emails, Etsy, etc.  So these photos are almost a week and a half old. Well, better late then never! Here are 7 quick takes on the past week and a half:

May Altar
Here is our Mary-May Altar this year.
Tea Party Fun and Decor
I posted about our Marian Tea Party invitations and decorations a few weeks ago and here are some photos of this years party. Of course our Marian Tea Party was beautiful and the girls LOVED it, again! 
Our Marian center-piece:
Tea Party Smiles 
Naomi (5)

Abigail (7)
Tea Party Food
Our Ladybug Cookies In honor of Our Lady\’s Bug!
Click here to see how we made Our Lady\’s Bug Cookies
Tea Parties and Boys
We girls discovered the true reason that boys are not often invited to tea parties. My husband and all the other male members of the family had a \”guy party\” in the next room, but my 3 year old son wanted to join in the tea party with the girls. I think I need to train him in the Art of Manners!! He was more interested in making odd noises, gulping tea, and picking at the girls! Well, I guess every tea party needs a little comic relief!  😉 
First Communion for our 6th Child
Here is Miss Hannah after her First Communion – So excited!
Six kids down and 3 to go!
Abigail will have her First Communion next year!
Wow! Time flies! 

This is my daughter Hannah with my niece. They shared the special day!
After the The First Communion Mass we celebrated with a Special cake.
Click Here to see how we made it!
Practicing to be a Bride\’s Maid 
The First Communicants had to be at church early, so I took Hannah and Elizabeth in the car. My husband, Jon, brought the rest of the family later. I had to laugh at the way Elizabeth helped Hannah get into the car and get buckled-up. Then Elizabeth helped her out of the car and into church. She was being very protective of Hannah\’s veil and white dress. The way she treated her was just like a bride\’s maid would treat a bride! Well, Hannah was the bride of Christ, so I figured Elizabeth was the volunteer bride\’s maid! Too, CUTE!
Aren\’t they beautiful! 🙂
One final note — An update on my Endometreosis—- 
After trying a few other options with no success, I decided to take the advice of my OB and get a shot that shuts off my ovary for a few months. It creates a temporary menopause as it stops my ovary from producing estrogen in the hopes that it will shrink the Endo. I received the first of 3 shots 3 weeks ago. So far I\’ve seen no change, but the doctor said it could take a month before I would see any change.  I\’m trying to eat as healthy as I can (aside from the tea party treats!), and warmer weather always seems to help my condition. So I\’m LOVING the warmer spring sun! 
I want to thank every one for your kindness and prayers. I know God is helping me through this and I\’m finding peace with everything. Please pray the shots do as the doctor and I hope. If they don\’t I feel I may need to have my last ovary taken out in the fall. But if the shots do work I should be well enough to hold off on a surgery for a year or more. I hope, for the sake of my children and husband, that God will give me all I need, whether it be in health or peace or both. 
Thank you again and God Bless.
Today I\’m joining Conversion Diary\’s 7 Quick Takes.
Thanks to Jen for hosting!

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  1. Oh Jennifer, this is an absolutely lovely post! (as well as all your other posts) 🙂 I just love all the Marian tea party foods and decorations! I'm pinning this too! Congratulations on your daughter and niece's FC. My 4th daughter receives her FC next year too! Your chalice cake is beautiful and I just love the pics of your son at the tea party! 🙂 Haha! Thanks for the update on your health! You continue to be in our prayers! God bless and thank you for sharing such a lovely post (as always) 🙂

  2. Tracy, you are so kind! Thank you for such a sweet comment and a BIG THANK you for the prayers! I'm looking forward to seeing your young lady's FC pics next year! God Bless! (bvm)

  3. Looks like a beautiful tea party. Congrats on your daughter's 1st Communion. My daughter made hers this year too!!. Continued prayers for improved health.

  4. I also have endo and it's a roller coaster to live with a condition that nobody seems to understand the cause and to try and find solutions to said problem is even tougher hang in there!

  5. Hi Alexis, Thanks for your support! Endo sure is a roller coaster, I've been trying to offer each bad day as a sacrifice, but some days things get too difficult for me to handle. Playing for you and your health — God Bless.

  6. Jennifer,Just wanted to let you know that we will be borrowing some of your tea party ideas for our Little Flowers Girls' Club Mother/Daughter tea in June. :)You've been such an inspiration to our family over the years. We'll be praying for your health as well. May Our Mother hold you close in her mantle of protection!God bless,Sonja Campbell

  7. Hi Sonja!It's been a little while since we chatted! 🙂 I hope you and the family are well!Thank you for the prayers! They are always appreciated! I will be praying for you and your family as well. Take care and God bless.~Jennifer

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