In 2011, I posted a shell ornament for the Baptism of Our Lord. In that post, we used real shells. As much as we loved that craft I thought I’d offer another shell ornament for Our Lord’s Baptism which is made from paper. This one is for anyone who does not have the shells to use.
Here is a picture of the completed paper shell craft:
Here is the completed real shell ornament from 2011:
Click here to see this old post.

You will need:

  • Printable scallops (Free Download) Or you can buy a basket or bag full of shells at a dollar store or craft store -like in last year’s post.
  • Printable image of Jesus Baptism and the Holy Spirit (Free Download)
  • Silver glitter or silver glitter glue (optional)
  • String and needle – or tape a string it to the back
  • scissors
  • A glue stick


Print the images that work best for you:
***Print just the first sheet in this set if you are using real shells
Or if this works better here is three sets on a single sheet:
Both of these .pdfs are free HERE
Cut out the shell, Baptism and Holy Spirit images.
Glue the Baptism image to the shell and glue the dove above the baptism picture. Use the thread and needle to create a hanger for the ornament – Or you can tape a looped string to the back. 
Now decorate it with silver glitter/glitter glue if you wish.
A few of my kids added the silver glitter glue around the image of Jesus and John the Baptist. (Sorry, not pictured)
It’s that easy!
May God bless you!


  1. Perfect timing Jennifer! Love this one and will use it for my class this weekend. I think we'll do the paper version 🙂 Thank you for offering this printable for us!

  2. I already got the file but I wanted to comment and say how much I love these ideas. I have some kids coming to our moms group this month. I think have the shell craft ready for them to do. Might even print out the Jesus – Holy Name for them. Thank you!!Jill L

  3. Hi, just had to share that I used these projects for our troop today (Troop Tekakwitha in Ardmore,PA) and what a complete success!! The girls and our leaders loved it. They truly enjoyed making them. Thank you for all your sharing!Sandy

  4. One of my 2nd graders is getting baptized this week. We are going to make these in honor of this special celebration. Thank you!!!!

  5. I used your template last yeat for my faith formation class. Iplan on using it again this week. On my way to craft store to find shells. Thank you for sharing.

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